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Time Out Ten

John Law and Jon Lloyd
Fingernail Moon

For this item you need to be able to stop for ten minutes.


We are often moving on to the next job, the next meeting, scrolling down social media, taking the next call ......'Time Out Ten' asks you to stop for ten minutes and listen to a particular piece of music; to find a time when you won't be interrupted, when you can put in/on your headphones and chill out. Ten minutes isn't long.

John Law and Jon LLoyd.jpg

Pianist John Law and saxophonist Jon Lloyd have been in the studio recording two albums. One is a duet, from which this track is taken, the other a quartet with Nick Pini (bass) and Alex Goodyear (drums). At the time of writing, both albums are ready but awaiting release. The duet album has a title, Naissance; the quartet album will possibly be named after the track Al Alfiyah - there is an excerpt from it here. We shall include the albums in our Recent Releases section when they become available.

Both albums feature the atmospheric, sometimes almost ethereal playing of Jon Lloyd whose tenor or soprano sax eases you into a quiet, relaxed place, ideal for our time out ten. John Law and Jon Lloyd have been playing together for years, and their compatibility and mutual understanding shows.

Fingernail Moon is an intriguing title, that white crescent at the bottom of a fingernail. I guess both musicians are aware of it when they play.

So, find somewhere quiet to take that ten minute break, put on your headphones if you can, and listen to the lovely Fingernail Moon.

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