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The Story Is Told

Ronnie Scott's Unexpected Visitor

Ronnie Scott W.jpg

'On one such afternoon Ronnie, immersed in his daily practice of placing bets with the bookie across the street, ran in through the side door to use the staff toilet, which was so miniscule it was hard to get up off the seat without banging your head on the door. George was actively engaged with the afternoon's activities at the club and Donald was working in the service area at the top of the stairs above the toilet, when they heard Ronnie shout out a stream of profanities, followed by a series of very loud stomps and kicking sounds. Eventually, Ronnie ran up the stairs, still swearing profusely, this time at Donald who had come halfway down the steps to see what was happening. It appeared that while my father was sitting on the toilet a mouse ran up his trouser leg! Donald and then George were held responsible because they were supposed to keep the club clean, and Ronnie was as fastidious in the club as he was at home. He made Donald go down and clean the toilet and the whole passageway. George said: "It must have come in from the street, Ronnie, it had to have!" Wherever it came from, it was the first and last time a mouse was seen in the club. Donald said: "He was rampant, but the next day it was O.K. Ronnie could find humour where everyone else could find none."

From A Fine Kind Of Madness - Ronnie Scott Remembered by Rebecca Scott with Mary Scott.


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