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The Story Is Told

A Fisherman's Tale

Joe Howard

In a small town on the West Coast of America a young trombone player was working at an informal night spot with a small combo. He noticed that a couple of unshaven guys at the bar wearing old fishing clothes were laughing at his crude attempt to play Tommy Dorsey's theme song I'm Getting Sentimental Over You.

"What's so funny?" he asked them. "If you think it's so easy you come up here and try it!"

One of the guys said, "Okay," and took the trombone from the surprised young man. "Where do you blow, in here?" he said, and proceeded to play Dorsey's solo flawlessly.

When the young trombonist expressed amazement, the fisherman said, "Hell, anybody can do that!"


He called to his friend at the bar, "Hey, Joe, come over here and try this!"

His friend walked over, took the trombone and repeated the performance. He handed the instrument back to the astonished youngster and the two fishermen left the bar talking over possibly buying one of those things. The poor kid may never have found out that he had been put on by vacationing Los Angeles studio trombonists Joe Howard and Lloyd Ulyate.

Here is The Sweetist Sounds from Tutti Camarata's 1970 album Tutti's Trombones album including Joe Howard and Lloyd Ulyate who, together with Frank Rosolino and Tommy Pederson, takes a solo on this track.

Lloyd Ulyate

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