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Feature Articles


FINDING JAZZ - Anthony Abel recalls how he discovered jazz as a young man in the 1950s

MY GUILTY JAZZ PLEASURE - Robin Kidson discusses Charlie Parker With Strings

JAZZ CLUBS 2023 - The situation for UK jazz clubs at the start of 2023

REDEFINING ELEMENT 78 - Exploring the album by pianist Rebecca Nash

YUGEN - Exploring the album by Norwegian trumpeter Marius Gjerso

THE AIR IN FRONT OF YOU - Howard Lawes talks to vibes player and bandleader Jonny Mansfield about his new Quintet album.

SISU - Exploring the album by Estonian pianist Kristjan Randalu

NOCTURNES - Howard Lawes considers the album by the Mikkel Ploug Group

JAZZ DANCE THEATRE - Looking back at innovations in 2023.

THE CLPGS CYLINDER RECORDINGS - Results of a project to make cylinder recordings of traditional jazz tunes..

ASHA PARKINSON- Howard Lawes talks to the impressive saxophonist about her music and her band Kalpadruma.

IAN CARR - From Blue Breginnings To Old Heartland - Howard Lawes looks back at the story and music of UK trumpeter Ian Carr

QOW Trio - The Hold Up - Howard Lawes talks to saxophonist Riley Stone-Lonergan about the QOW Trio's album

BENET McLEAN - Green Park - Howard Lawes talks to violinist and pianist Benet McLean about his career and his new album, Green Park

BIRTH OF THE COOLE 75 YEARS ON - Robin Kidson looks back at the landmark album at its 75th anniversary.

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