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 June 2024
Some Recent Releases

Recent Releases

A few words about recent releases / reviews:

Apart from where they are included in articles on this website, I don't have a 'Reviews' section for a number of reasons:


  • I receive so many requests to review recordings it is impossible to include them all.

  • Unlike some publications/blogs, Sandy Brown Jazz is not a funded website and it is not possible to pay reviewers.

  • Reviews tend to be personal opinions, something a reviewer likes might not suit you, or vice versa.

  • It is difficult to capture music in words, so much better to be able to listen and see whether the music interests you.

For these reasons in particular I just include a selection of recent recordings below where I share the notes issued by the musician(s) as an introduction and links to samples so you can 'taste' the music for yourselves. For those who like to read reviews, these, of course, can be checked out on other sites.

Some albums are priced in dollars or other currencies. These are marked ^. There are currency options if you  proceed to order. Recordings are now regularly available on different formats (CD, mp3 downloads, vinyl) or platforms e.g iTunes, Spotify, etc. I am unable to list them all so it is worth checking if you have a favourite platform).

Featured In June 2024


Superlocrian - Hills And Valleys
(Spark! Label) - Released: 7th June 2024

Sam Massey (trumpet, flugelhorn, composer, MD); Gavin Mallett (trumpet, flugelhorn); Hugh Davies (trumpet, flugelhorn); Edward Leaker (soprano, alto saxophone); Jade Gall (alto/tenor/baritone saxophones & flute/alto flute); Tom Green (trombone, composer); Mike Poyser (tuba)

Superlocrian Hills And Valleys.jpg

'Superlocrian is a new, acoustic chamber-jazz septet, founded by trumpeter/composer Sam Massey, which features some of the UK’s finest musicians – Gavin Mallett and Hugh Davies on trumpet and flugelhorn, Edward Leaker on soprano and alto saxophone, Jade Gall on saxophones and flutes, Tom Green on trombone and Mike Poyser on Tuba. “The sonic qualities and possibilities of a unique wind septet configuration (3 trumpets/flugelhorns, 2 woodwinds, trombone and tuba) give Superlocrian a distinctive sound that is both playful and sophisticated, lively and lyrical,” explains Massey. The ensemble performs a selection of original compositions, jazz standards and arrangements by renowned composers, including Callum Au and Tom Green. “’Snake's Meadow’ was inspired by the Snake's Head Fritillary, the county flower of Oxfordshire that used to be widespread along the Thames but now only grows in the wild in a few select spots near where I live in Oxford,” says Green. “It's a joyful tune celebrating the arrival of spring.” ........' (album notes)

James Hudson - Moonray
(self release/ECN Music) - Released: 15th March 2024

James Hudson (vocals, producer); Tom Smith (arranger, saxophones, bass clarinet); Luke Tomlinson (drums, percussion); Jack Tustin (bass); Nick Fitch (guitar); Joe Hill (piano); Tom Walsh (trumpet, flugelhorn); Ralph Wyld (vibraphone); Dan Oates (violin 1); Rosie Judge (violin 2); Jordan Sian (viola); Susie Blankfield (cello 1); Bryony Moody (cello 2)

James Hudson Moonray.jpg

'James Hudson is proud to present the brand-new album Moonray. In addition to a well versed and trusted rhythm section, Moonray features horns, strings and vibraphone, resulting in a showcase of a unique thirteen-piece band, projecting a high impact sound that perfectly compliments James Hudson’s mesmerising vocals. This accomplished recording charts a natural progression from James Hudson’s previous work; both the rare and impressive combination of instruments and scale of the ensemble are notably daring elements to this project. The repertoire on Moonray has been meticulously selected, with Hudson choosing a number of enigmatic and mysterious songs to arrange and perform, that are befitting of the album title. He explains that his vision was to “combine the sounds of the George Shearing Quintet with the style of the Marty Paich Dek-tette / Mel Torme albums, to create my own unique line-up with a contemporary flavour.” With this approach, James Hudson has added a thought-provokiing atmosphere to what is undoubtably an engaging listen .......' (album notes)

Hannah Horton - Live In Soho
(self-release) - Released: 29th April 2024

Hannah Horton (tenor & baritone sax); Tim Lapthorn (piano); Rob Statham (electric bass); Nic France (drums)

Hannah Horton Live In Soho.jpg

'Recorded at the iconic Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho in front of a sold-out audience, Live in Soho is full of energy, intoxicating excitement, with a beautiful flow of tracks. It features a selection of Hannah’s own compositions alongside her interpretation of songs that she holds close to her heart. Hannah’s baritone playing is both cheeky and lyrical. Listen to Las Vegas Tango to be transported to a smoky club in sin city, or the Horn Dance if you want to experience how a Morris Man on speed would feel, then cheer yourself up by soaring with the birds on Surfing Thermals.' (album notes)

Alina Bzhezhinska and Tony Kofi - Altera Vita
(BBE Records) - Released: 5th April 2024

Alina Bzhezhinska (harp, percussion); Tony Kofi (tenor sax, percussion, kalimba); Murial Grossman (tampura)

Alina Bzhezhinska Tony Kofi Altera Vita.jpg

'Altera Vita' is the first studio album by World renowned multi-award winning artists Tony Kofi (tenor saxophone) and Alina Bzhezhinska (harp) as a duo. The album is saxophone and harp in perfect harmony with Tony and Alina also providing the bulk of the percussion to accompany their recordings. Tony Kofi is widely recognized as one of the leading Jazz saxophonists in the UK and his duties include regularly lending his skills to legendary group Cymande for their live performances. Alina has been heralded as the "New Sound of Europe'' and the duo’s innovative and refreshing approach to recording is apparent on this album. The namesake and inspiration for this album; ‘Altera Vita’ (2023) was named in Downbeat’s jazz albums of 2023, which is very rare for a single release! 'Altera Vita' mirrors the human experience, from conception through to the inevitable end or new beginning. Throughout the journey the appreciation of our environments is paramount, 'Altera Vita' guides us through an intensified refocus on our senses through the medium of sound. This homage to the ethereal is dedicated to the influential Pharoah Sanders ..... (album notes)

Beck Hunters with Laura Cole and John Pope - From Wolves To Water
(New Jazz & Improvised Music) - Released: 27th October 2023

Mick Beck (tenor sax, bassoon, whistles); Laura Cole (piano); Anton Hunter (guitar, effects); Johnny Hunter (drums, percussion); John Pope (double bass)

Beck Hunters From Wolves To Water.jpg

'In 2022 Beck Hunters were invited to perform at the Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music with the suggestion of an expanded line up to feature pianist Laura Cole and bassist John Pope. New combinations of musicians have become a regular feature of the festival programme and this grouping of cross generational Northern performers is surely a great example of this. Recorded at the festival’s spiritual home of The Literary and Philosophical Society this set was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 3 ‘Freeness’ with Corey Mwamba Sunday 30th October of the same year. We’re absolutely delighted to present this remixed and remastered recording of the live set as the nineteenth release for New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings, another unquestionably superb addition to the ever expanding catalogue of releases.' (album notes)

Andrew Woodhead - Swing You Sinners
(self release) - Released: 12th April 2024

Sam Wooster (trumpet); George Crowley (tenor saxophone); Andrew Woodhead (piano); Nick Jurd (double bass); Jeff Williams (drums)

Andrew Woodhead Swing You Sinners.jpg

'Swing You Sinners is inspired by the collectivism heard in the early jazz recordings of Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet and Cab Calloway, and how these tunes can be brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century by a group of forward-thinking improvisers. Born out of a love of Fleischer Studios’ dark, surreal animations which captured the spirit of depression-era New York City, the band revels in the same sense of anarchy and the joy of creativity which these animators first showed to the world in the late 20’s and 30’s.' (album notes)


Kenny Garrett & Svoy - Who Killed AI?
(Mack Avenue Records) - Released: 12th April 2024

Kenny Garrett (alto and soprano saxophone, vocals); Svoy (programming, vocals, piano, keyboards).

Kenny Garrett and Svoy Who Killed AI.jpg

'With a heralded career as a solo artist for over 3 decades, saxophonist Kenny Garrett is one of modern jazz’s brightest and most influential living masters. His repertoire includes stints with Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Freddie Hubbard and more, yet this GRAMMY® and NAACP Image Awards winner shows no signs of resting on his laurels, as he continues to receive critical acclaim for his current work. The living legend charts yet another path in his illustrious career with the release of his first ever electronic album, an avenue to explore new sounds.' (album notes)

Wadada Leo Smith / Amina Claudine Myers - Central Park's Mosaics of Reservoir, Lakes, Paths and Gardens
(Red Hook Records) - Released: 10th May 2024

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet); Amina Claudine Myers (piano, organ).

Wadada Leo Smith Cenbtral Park Mosaics.jpg

'The album "Central Park’s Mosaic of Reservoir, Lake, Paths and Gardens" is a remarkable convergence of two kindred musical spirits -trumpeter and composer Wadada Leo Smith and newly minted NEA Jazz Master pianist and organist Amina Claudine Myers. This extraordinary collaboration marks the master musicians’ first recorded collaboration, resulting in one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The album is a testament to the enduring power of artistic connection and the evolution of musical mastery.' (album notes)

Latrala - Latrala
(Otherly Love Records) - Released:  3rd May 2024

Kenny Wollesen (vibraphone, marimba, congas, tenor sax, organ, wollesonics); Anthony Coleman (electric piano, synths);  Tony Scherr (guitar); Christopher Thomas (bass); Nasheet Waits (drums).

Latrala album.jpg

'Kenny Wollesen is a New York City drummer, vibraphonist & instrument builder. On this colorful and kaleidophonic new solo album Latrala, Kenny Wollesen showcases his considerable compositional skill, inventive mallet-instrument chops by way of introducing a brand new crackerjack quintet.' (album notes)

Luke Stewart Silt Trio - Unknown Rivers
(Pi Recordings) - Released:   13rd May 2024

Brian Settles (tenor saxophone); Luke Stewart (bass); Trae Crudup (drums #1-4); Chad Taylor (drums #5-7).

Luke Stewart Unknown Rivers.jpg

'Unknown Rivers is bassist Luke Stewart’s debut for Pi Recordings. An omnipresent and galvanizing force on the music scene, Stewart is a leader or co-leader of such bands as Irreversible Entanglements, Exposure Quintet, Blacks’ Myths, Heart of the Ghost, and Remembrance Quintet. He is also among the most in-demand collaborators, having performed with the likes of David Murray, Nicole Mitchell, Moor Mother, Jaimie Branch, Nate Wooley, Ken Vandermark and countless others. Stewart is also a curator and presenter of multiple concert series in New York and Washington, D.C., a writer, activist, producer and D.J. Featuring his long-running Silt Trio, with Brian Settles on tenor sax, and drummers Trae Crudup on four studio tracks and Chad Taylor on three live ones, Unknown Rivers sees the band pushing towards greater emphasis on rhythmic acuity, highlighting the different approaches to the music of the two drummers. Settles – a stalwart of the fertile Washington DC jazz scene – plays with a quiet intensity, possessing a sound that reminds of players from a distant past set against a modernist’s vocabulary. Stewart is the master of a deep, wide groove that cushions and propels, making every musical situation he finds himself in sound good........' (album notes)

Marta Sanchez Trio - Perpetual Void
(Intakt Records) - Released:   19th April 2024

Marta Sanchez (piano); Chris Tordini (bass); Savannah Harris (drums).

Marta Sanchez Perpetual Void.jpg

'The New York-based pianist and composer Marta Sanchez is on her way to the top of the international jazz world. With Perpetual Void, she presents her first trio album on Intakt Records. Sanchez, currently a member of the David Murray Quartet, pens captivating compositions for this impressive trio, where all three personalities shine. Savannah Harris and Chris Tordini are in top form, both as eloquent soloists and as ensemble partners, as they negotiate the polyphonic and cross-rhythmic currents and dynamic contrasts that inform Sanchez’s writing. As Lauren du Graf writes in the liner notes, the trio setting allows “Sanchez’s voice to cut through with cinematic clarity, with ample room for her to interact with her rhythm section, which she does with both freedom and sensitivity.” And she adds: “Perpetual Void is a testament to Sanchez’s singular greatness, establishing her pianistic voice more vividly than ever.” This album is sure to stand as one of the most compelling piano trio recordings of this year.' (album notes)

The New Wonders - Steppin' Out
(Turtle Bay Records) - Released:   5th April 2024

Mike Davis (cornet, vocals); Ricky Alexander (alto saxophone, clarinet, vocals); Josh Holcomb (trombone); Jared Engel (banjo); Andy Schumm (piano, cornet); Jay Rattman (bass saxophone, vocals); Colin Hancock (drums, cornet, vocals)

The New Wonders Steppin Out.jpg

'Since the old genres never fully fell out of favor, there are plenty of musicians—young and old—who enjoy playing in older styles, and many fans who will listen with equal enthusiasm. For the past decade, cornetist and arranger MIKE DAVIS has created his own career path based on his passion for Bix Beiderbecke, Red Nichols and the New York Jazz groups of the 1920s. Davis' groups have used the band name "The New Wonders" for years, but in 2021, Davis hand-picked a new group for a week-long nightclub gig in Switzerland. The COVID-19 pandemic left the musicians wondering whether the job would actually happen, but after a postponement, Davis and The New Wonders traveled to Europe for the engagement. It went so well that Turtle Bay Records president Scott Asen offered Davis the opportunity to record the new group. For their first eponymous release, the band recorded the best arrangements from the band's working repertoire. In contrast, the group's new album, Steppin' Out, is completely composed of new Davis arrangements, and as the leader proudly notes, none of the charts are based on existing recordings.' (album notes)

Europe and Elsewhere

Kathrine Windfeld Sextet - Aldebaran
(Stunt Records) - Released: 26th April 2024

Kathrine Windfeld (piano); Tomasz Dabrowski (trumpet); Hannes Bennich (alto & soprano saxophone); Marek Konarski (tenor saxophone); Johannes Vaht (bass); Henrik Holst Hansen (drums)

Kathrine Windfeld Aldebaran.jpg

'Aldebaran is award-winning pianist/composer Kathrine Windfeld's fifth release as a leader but her debut recording with her sextet, with the title track doubling as a focus track. Also known as the Red Eye of the Bull, it refers to a star located in the zodiac constellation of Taurus. The song haunts with a lurking latent desperation that makes it feel like it could explode. It's a restless piece and is a relevant representation of the music on the new album, with the sextet Windfeld has focused on over the past three years taking centre stage, after rising to stardom with her big band. Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski (b.1984) has been a valued asset on the Danish jazz scene for several years. His compatriot, saxophonist Marek Konarski (b.1992), studied at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Odense and performed with several prominent Danish musicians before relocating to his home country. Saxophonist Hannes Bennich (b.1994) is one of Sweden's bright new talents. His compatriot, bassist Johannes Vaht (b.1988) and Danish drummer Henrik Holst Hansen (b. 1989), have played extensively with each other and developed an intense collaboration over a decade in the Kathrine Windfeld Big Band.' (album notes)

Arild Andersen / Daniel Sommer / Rob Luft - As Time Passes
(April Records) - Released: 26th April 2024

Arild Andersen (double bass); Daniel Sommer (drums); Rob Luft (guitar)

Arild Andersen As Time Passes.jpg

' .... Led by Sommer, the release signifies the first chapter of the drummer’s much-anticipated Nordic trilogy on April Records, aiming to capture and document Nordic improvisation and composition across three carefully curated ensembles.
Bassist Arild Andersen’s storied career stretches back to the 1970's as one of ECM’s first recording artists, collaborating with household names of the genre including Jan Garbarek, Don Cherry, Bill Frisell, John Taylor, Sonny Rollins, Chick Corea, and the list goes on. Welcoming the opportunity to work with and nurture younger artists, the ensemble was born when Daniel Sommer selected Andersen for a project during his studies at the Danish National Academy of Music. Later, impressed by Luft’s performances in Ireland and Norway, Andersen suggested expanding the pair into a trio. A transcendent musical voyage, ‘As Time Passes’ blurs the lines of conventional trio roles, and celebrates the evolution of jazz as a fluid, versatile form of expression. By providing each musician the freedom of becoming a key contributor in the melodic discourse, the trio channels the spirit of jazz veterans such as the Bill Evans Trio and free-jazz ensemble Air, while echoing the sounds and innovations of pan-European contemporary jazz .....' (album notes)

Imperfect Bread - Imperfect Bread
(ZenneZ Records) - Released: 24th May 2024

Līva Dumpe (vocals); Federica Lorusso (piano); Aleksander Sever (vibraphone); Matteo Mazzù (electric bass); Sekou van Heusden (percussion); Rod Oughton (drums)

Imperfect Bread album.jpg

'I'm a British drummer / composer, and this new music I've written attempts to fuse the British singer / songwriter tradition with Dutch free jazz. The band was formed in 2021 when I was living in the Netherlands studying a Master's degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Imperfect Bread was described as 'an eclectic, colourful and surprising sonic landscape' by Ben van Gelder, and was a prize winner at the Keep an Eye International Jazz Competition 2022. The band features Latvian singer Līva Dumpe, and the record is being released on the celebrated Dutch jazz label ZenneZ Records.' (Rod Oughton album notes)

Jo Harrop - The Path Of A Tear
(Lateralize Records) - Released: 7th June 2024

Jo Harrop (vocals); Anthony Wilson (guitar); Jim Cox (Rhodes piano, Hammond B-3 Organ); David Piltch (bass); Larry Klein: (bass); Victor Indrizzo (drums)

Jo Harrop The Path Of A Tear.jpg

'Jo Harrop has firmly established herself as one of the most distinctive singer songwriters in British jazz. Having signed to Lateralize Records, she recently made her USA debut with a string of shows at some of the most prestigious venues in the country including New York’s Dizzy’s Club (Jazz at Lincoln Center) and San Francisco’s The SFJAZZ Center ...... Recorded at The Village Studios in Los Angeles in September 2023 and produced by Larry Klein (best-known for his groundbreaking work with a host of legendary artists including Joni Mitchell, Madeleine Peyroux and Herbie Hancock), The Path Of A Tear is an ear-watering slice of mid-70s soul with a sublime shot of jazz and a subtle twist of Americana .... Jo Harrop possesses one of the most unmistakable voices in contemporary jazz, yet she has soul running through her veins. The Path Of A Tear, Harrop’s fourth album on London-based jazz label, Lateralize Records, suggests an artist determined to keep moving forward as she dives into unchartered musical waters .... (album notes)


The Jazzanians - We Have Waited Too Long

(Ubuntu Music) - Released: 12th April 2024

Johnny Mekoa (trumpet); Zim Ngqawana (alto sax, flute); Nic Paton (tenor, soprano sax); Andrew Eagle (guitar); Melvin Peters (electric keyboard); Lulu Gontsana (drums); Victor Masondo (fretless electric bass).

The Jazzanians We Have Waited Too Long.jpg

'The Jazzanians were a unique band of exceptionally talented South African students, some of whom were already professional musicians. I launched the first university degree in Jazz at the University of Natal in 1984 and in 1988, the Jazzanians were the first multi-racial student jazz ensemble from South Africa to tour outside the country. They were a huge hit and appeared on national NBC and CBS television in the USA. Following this success, it seemed natural that the band should record, and We Have Waited Too Long was the result. Re-releasing it in 2024 honours those Jazzanians no longer with us (Johnny Mekoa, Zim Ngqawana and Lulu Gontsana) and raises the South African Jazz flag. The recording is a jubilant expression of the creative interaction apartheid tried to stifle. The band, their tours and the recording were special projects organized by my wife, Catherine. Compositions by band members represent the quintessential sound of South African Jazz which is totally infectious.' (Darius Brubeck album notes)

Muddy Waters - Sings Big Bill / Muddy Waters At Newport 1960

(Jasmine Records) - Released: 2024

Muddy Waters (guitar, vocals)

Muddy Waters Sings Big Bill and Newport.jpg

'By 1960, Muddy Waters had been the acknowledged 'King Of Chicago Blues' for some ten years, having built up a loyal audience and registering a string of hits. However his traditional market had been working class and blue collar African Americans, who generally didn't buy albums. Consequently, in an endeavour to expand his audience by crossing him over to the white market, his record company, Chess, issued two LPs by Muddy during 1960. One was 'Muddy Waters Sings Big Bill', a tribute to the late Big Bill Broonzy, which were his first stereo recordings. The second was 'Muddy Waters At Newport, 1960', recorded live during his highly acclaimed set at the Newport Jazz Festival that year. Both are paired up on this unique compilation, which also features five bonus cuts, being live recordings from the Newport gig.' (album notes)

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Live In Montreal 1975

(Liberation Hall Records) - Released: 17th May 2024

Cannonball Adderley (alto sax, soprano sax); Nat Adderley (cornet); Michael Wolff (piano, keyboards); Walter Booker (bass); Roy McCurdy (drums, percussion)

Cannonball Adderley Montreal 1975.jpg

'The great Julian "Cannonball" Adderley rose to prominence in the hard-bop era of the 1950's and 60's. After a successful stint with Miles Davis’s sextet, including being featured on the seminal Davis records ‘Milestones’ and ‘Kind of Blue’, Adderley formed his own quintet with brother Nat on trumpet and cornet, and soon became the driving force behind the soul-jazz movement of the 1960's and 70's. No one would have guessed that the 46-year-old DownBeat Jazz Hall of Famer was in the last few months of his life when he stepped on stage at Montreal’s In Concert Club on May 3, 1975. And nothing about the performance suggests that the hard bop sax legend was anything but at the top of his game. The 6-track set includes the Grammy Hall of Fame inductee hit tune “Mercy Mercy Mercy,” with Adderley’s brother Nat on trumpet.......' (album notes)

Lonnie Johnson and Victoria Spivey - Four Classic Albums Plus

(Avid Jazz Records) - Released: 2024 [2 CDs]

Lonnie Johnson (guitar, vocals); Victoria Spivey (piano, vocals); Eddie Lang (as Blind Willie Dunn) (guitar);  Blind John Davis, Porter Grainger (piano)

Lonnie Johnson Victoria Spivey album.jpg

'AVID Roots presents the latest release in our Four Classic Albums series with a re-mastered 2CD second release from Lonnie Johnson & Victoria Spivey, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details; "Blues"; "Lonesome Road"; "Victoria Spivey with Lonnie Johnson: Woman Blues" and "Another Night to Cry" plus nine bonus singles. Born into a large musical family in New Orleans, Lonnie Johnson was always much more than just the bluesman that he became known as during his long and intermittent career. He began learning to play music from a very young age tackling and mastering the piano, guitar, violin and mandolin and quickly finding his place in the family musical unit. By his early teens Lonnie was primarily playing guitar and violin in his father’s band and by 1917 he joined a revue that toured England! On his return in 1919 he discovered that tragedy had struck his family. All but one brother, James, had died in the 1918 influenza epidemic of that year. With James alongside him, Lonnie later settled in St. Louis in 1921 where he began performing as a duo with his brother. During these early years he was probably playing as much jazz as blues but after winning a blues competition in 1925 he was signed to the Okeh Records label and this pretty much sealed his reputation as a blues singer and a superb guitarist. He tried to break out of the strictly blues field in 1948 when he recorded the famed “Tomorrow Night” for King Records, topping the Billboard race charts for 7 weeks and even the pop charts reaching number 19 selling 3 million copies, an extraordinary amount of sales even for those faraway non digital days...... (album notes)

The Louis Stewart Trio - Louis The First

(Livia Records) - Released:  12th April 2024

Louis Stewart (guitar); Martin Walshe (bass); John Wadham (drums)

The Louis Stewart Trio Louis The First.jpg

'The long-awaited re-release of guitar genius Louis Stewart’s 1976 debut as a leader. Beautifully remastered, this edition allows listeners to fully appreciate Louis “on fire” with its improved mix and the bonus track, Wayne Shorter’s Footprints. Louis the First features nine tracks - five trio, one bass-guitar duet, and three solo guitar that point to the magic of his solo masterpiece, Out On His Own (1977). Recorded in Dublin’s Trend Studios, in September 1975, and released in 1976, Louis the First captures the guitarist, who by then was gaining international recognition, at his peak. It includes an extra track, a 16-page booklet with the original sleeve notes and new, extended notes including recollections from Louis’ long-term friend, pianist Jim Doherty, and a trove of previously unseen photographs..........' (album notes)

The 3 Sounds Plus Lou Donaldson - Four Classic Albums

(Avid Jazz Records) - Released:  2024 [2 CDs]

Lou Donaldson (alto sax); Gene Harris (piano); Andrew Simpkins (bass); Bill Dowdy (drums)

The 3 Sounds Plus Lou Donaldson album.jpg

'AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic Album series with a re-mastered 2CD release from The 3 Sounds, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details. “The 3 Sounds”; “Feelin’ Good”; “Moods” and Lou Donaldson’s “LD+3”. Starting life as The Four Sounds in Michigan, 1956 our latest recruits to the AVID Jazz Hall of Fame became the much better known and much more successful, The 3 Sounds when saxophonist Lonnie Walker left the band prior to their re-location to New York City, via Washington. It was here that the group was discovered by none other than Lou Donaldson himself. The three-piece group comprised of Gene Harris on piano, Andrew Simpkins on bass and Bill Dowdy on drums. Between 1958-1962 the group released nine albums for Blue Note Records. During that time it seems the most controversial thing about the group was their name! They were variously referred to as The 3 Sounds and The Three Sounds and this was even within their own label! No wonder reviewers and journalists couldn’t get it right! After much research and finger counting at AVID we decided to come down on the side of The 3 Sounds as we just found more references to 3 than Three! Regardless of the name, The 3 Sounds would have an incredibly successful career and would work with the likes of Lester Young, Lou Donaldson (see LD+3 on CD2 of this set), Stanley Turrentine (AMSC1319), Sonny Stitt and Anita O’Day (AMSC1136). As with all AVID releases, we hope you enjoy this classic set and check out our extensive catalogue for more great music across jazz, blues, country and many other musical genres.' (album notes)

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