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 April 2024
Some Recent Releases

Recent Releases

A few words about recent releases / reviews:

Apart from where they are included in articles on this website, I don't have a 'Reviews' section for a number of reasons:


  • I receive so many requests to review recordings it is impossible to include them all.

  • Unlike some publications/blogs, Sandy Brown Jazz is not a funded website and it is not possible to pay reviewers.

  • Reviews tend to be personal opinions, something a reviewer likes might not suit you, or vice versa.

  • It is difficult to capture music in words, so much better to be able to listen and see whether the music interests you.

For these reasons in particular I just include a selection of recent recordings below where I share the notes issued by the musician(s) as an introduction and links to samples so you can 'taste' the music for yourselves. For those who like to read reviews, these, of course, can be checked out on other sites.

Some albums are priced in dollars or other currencies. These are marked ^. There are currency options if you  proceed to order. Recordings are now regularly available on different formats (CD, mp3 downloads, vinyl) or platforms e.g iTunes, Spotify, etc. I am unable to list them all so it is worth checking if you have a favourite platform).

Featured In April 2024


Trio HLK - Anthropometricks
(Ubuntu Music) - Released: 15th March 2024

Rich Harrold (piano, composer); Ant Law (guitar); Rich Kass (drums); Dame Evelyn Glennie (vibraphone, marimba, percussion); Natalie Clein (cello); Varijashree Venugopal (vocals)

Trio HLK Anththropometricks.jpg

'Anthropometricks' captures Trio HLK's evolution since its debut release, 'Standard Time', and subsequent extensive international touring. The compositions are grown from fragments of jazz standards. Each piece is new but shards of the original can be glimpsed within. The album presents a rich pallet of distinct sonic worlds and narrative journey. The album title and the first single refer to the re-composition of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie's Anthropology - using rhythmci trcicks and musical illusions  .... (album notes)

Paul Higgs and Pavane - Summer Lullaby
(self-produced) - Released: 29th February 2024

Paul Higgs (trumpet); Natalie Rozario (cello); Chris Ingham (piano); George Double (drums); Andy Watson (guitar); Jerome Davies (double bass)

Paul Higgs Summer Lullaby.jpg

'Summer Lullaby is Paul Higgs’ second album with Pavane – a band of virtuoso musicians. With sultry, jazz-infused rhythms beckoning you to dance, and classical grandeur that evokes timeless elegance, the album has summer's tranquillity at its heart. The music on the album is unashamedly melodic and reflective, and each piece explores and builds on that mood. Paul (Angel Award Winner and Ivor Novello Nominee) is renowned as one of the UK’s leading trumpet players and composers, especially known for his versatility as is fully displayed on the new album, which features all original compositions along with This Guy's In Love With You,  a Bacharach/David classic ....... The combination of theatre work, backing big-name acts on-stage, working actively on recording sessions, and contributing to film and television music has tested Higgs’ musical abilities time and again.  He has developed a stellar reputation for being able to handle virtually any type of project with sensitivity and understanding, and to each challenge he brings his energy, enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge of different genres and periods of music.' (album notes)

Matt Anderson Quartet - Live At The Leeds Jazz Festival
(Hidden Threads Records) - Released: 1st March 2024

Matt Anderson (tenor and soprano sax); Alberto Palau (piano); Will Harris (double bass); Jay Davis (drums)

Matt Anderson Quartet Live At Leeds Jazz Festival.jpg

'This live recording of the Matt Anderson Quartet from the middle of their May 2023 U.K. tour is a snapshot of the band at their best: stretching out on a set of original tunes with a characteristically open, interactive and risk-taking approach. The band’s strengths as an ensemble are particularly apparent in a live setting, having been refined through eight years of gigging, touring and recording together, a longevity rare in today’s constantly-changing jazz scene. The Leeds audience excitement is also palpable as the band return to a venue they have played at many times over the years, HEART in Headingley, as part of the city’s second annual jazz festival.' (album notes)

Trish Clowes and Ross Stanley - Journey To Where
(Stoney Lane Records) - Released: 8th March 2024

Trish Clowes (tenor saxophone); Ross Stanley (piano)

Trish Clowes Ross Stanley Journey To Where.jpg

'Acclaimed saxophonist Trish Clowes joins long-term collaborator pianist/composer Ross Stanley for their captivating new duo album Journey to Where, recorded at Wigmore Hall, London, featuring the duo’s inventive originals alongside personal favourites from Wayne Shorter to Marcel Dupré. Releasing March 2024 on Stoney Lane Records, on International Women's Day. Performing and collaborating together for a number of years, the duo’s debut has been a long time in the making, and features four originals by Clowes and Stanley, alongside intriguing arrangements of music dedicated to their respective heroes, Wayne Shorter and John Taylor. “This is the first time Ross has released his own music on a recording, and I think it’s the first time I’ve recorded standards for one of my own albums too,” Clowes explains. “We decided to start developing music that was distinct from other playing contexts, so we could record an album that had a mixture of our own tunes, amongst some important music for both of us.” .........' (album notes)

Joe Webb - collblanc
(Edition Records) - Released: 26th January 2024

Joe Webb (piano); Will Sach (bass); Sam Jesson (drums)

Joe Webb collblanc.jpg

'Fuelled by deep love of 90's guitar bands and an unwavering passion for football (with a slight obsession for Lionel Messi), Joe Webb emerges with a new EP ‘Collblanc’ as an extraordinary talent, skilfully blending traditional piano mastery with a captivating rock star persona. "Collblanc" is not merely a new digital EP, but a significant mark of Joe Webb’s renewed sonic adventure, flanked by the formidable Will Sach on bass and Sam Jesson on drums. With an anticipating sequence of EPs and a climactic album to drop in 2024, "Collblanc" stands as a watershed moment — the juncture where Joe records for the first time with his new trio and interlaces his recent infatuation for stride piano in his own unique way ........' (album notes)

The Jazz Defenders - Memory In Motion
(Haggis Records) - Released: 19th April 2024

George Cooper (piano, wurlitzer, organ, vibraphone, percussion); Ian Matthews (drums); Will Harris (double & electric bass);
Nick Malcolm (trumpet); Jake McMurchie (saxophone)

The Jazz Defenders Meanderthal.jpg

'UK jazz ensemble The Jazz Defenders release their third album "Memory In Motion" in April on Haggis Records (home of The Haggis Horns and Malcolm Strachan). The Bristol jazz boppers deliver another quality release of original material that takes in their usual diverse mix of influences and genres, from timeless acoustic jazz referencing the classic sounds of Blue Note Records, to a more contemporary fusion where jazz meets soul, funk and hip-hop. Although they love to mix things up, their roots are in the classic acoustic jazz quintet sound of the late 1950s/early 1960s, back when hard bop and modal jazz ruled. They have already explored this musical path well on their previous albums but they still deliver a couple of classic inspired jazz cuts here. "Chasing Fantasies" and "Fuffle Kerfuffle" both give the band some space to cut loose on solos over swing jazz beats that will keep their original jazz audience happy. The latter bubbles away with a jazz shuffle beat that would make drum legend Art Blakey smile ......' (album notes)


Acceleration Due To Gravity - Jonesville
(Hot Cup Records) - Released: 16th February 2024

Stacy Dillard (tenor saxophone); Matt Nelson (alto saxophone); Kyle Saulnier (baritone saxophone); Bobby Spellman: (trumpet); Dave Taylo: (trombone); Ava Mendoza (guitar); George Burton (piano); Moppa Elliot (bass); Mike Pride (drums).

Acceleration Due To Gravity Jonesville.jpg

' ..... During the Covid-19 pandemic, (Moppa)  Elliott created blindfold tests for a small circle of musicians and friends which led to completing his collection of all the recordings made by Sam Jones during his illustrious and long career. For the entirety of 2024, Elliott will host a weekly radio broadcast on WAYO in Rochester, NY where he will play music from each of Sam Jones’ recordings in roughly chronological order, interspersed with commentary and context. Elliott’s original compositions, as performed by ADTG, are based loops that undergo transformation during each repetition and are staggered against each other. Each tune is made up of a handful of musical phrases (which in other circumstances could be samples) that loop and repeat, but never in the same way due to both written variations and the spontaneous improvisations of the band members. This allows each piece to retain both a unique sound world and forward momentum, constantly surprising the listener, and often, the band. Elliott takes as a model the music of The Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Run the Jewels, DJ Premiere and other hip-hop artists who create song forms that are vehicles for multiple soloists and do not emphasize a central “hook” or refrain. Each of Elliott’s tunes has three solo sections built into it, and no recurring melodic chorus in order to more clearly emphasize the central role of the improvised solo.' (album notes)

Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble - Elegy For Thelonious
(Sunnyside Records) - Released: 8th March 2024

Frank Carlberg (conductor, composer); Sam Hoyt, John Carlson, David Adewumi, Kirk Knuffke (trumpet); Brian Drye, Chris Washburne, Tyler Bonilla, Max Seigel (trombone); Nathan Reising, Jeremy Udden, Adam Tolker, Hery Paz, Andrew Hadro (woodwinds); Leo Genovese (piano, keyboards); Kim Cass (bass); Michael Sarin (drums); Christine Correa, Priya Carlberg (voice)

Frank Carlberg Elegy For Thelonious.jpg

'Frank Carlberg has explored the music of Thelonious Sphere Monk in many contexts: as a seasoned and highly acclaimed pianist, noted for his work in duo, trio and other small groups, but also as leader and orchestrator of an adventurous large ensemble. His 2017 release Monk Dreams, Hallucinations and Nightmares was big-band Monk in all its glory, rated five stars in DownBeat and hailed as “stunning and original” by The Buffalo News. Carlberg played piano on the earlier date, which had J.C. Sanford conducting. But on the new Elegy for Thelonious, Carlberg takes up the baton and does not play, leaving that to the brilliant Leo Genovese (of Esperanza Spalding renown, effortlessly at home in mainstream and avant-garde jazz settings). With a rich blend of winds and brass, and a solid, inventive rhythm section with bassist Kim Cass and drummer Michael Sarin, Carlberg approaches the Monk canon from his own compositional standpoint, borrowing or transforming what he calls melodic “cells and splinters,” re-composing or even merging different songs into new entities, with formal, improvisational and sonic results that are immediately gripping .....' (album notes).

Chris Potter - Eagle's Point
(Edition Records) - Released:  8th March 2024

Chris Potter (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet); Brad Mehldau (piano); John Patitucci (double bass); Brian Blade (drums)

Chris Potter Eagles Point.jpg

 '.....‘Eagle’s Point’ promises to be an electrifying testament to modern jazz, uniting four unparalleled luminaries within the genre, performing eight original compositions written by Chris especially for the recording session. The planets finally aligned; despite never having the time to perform together, this supergroup seized the opportunity in late 2022 and assembled to record this landmark album. Each musician, a dominant force in their own right, contributes to every track with humility and mutual respect. The musicianship is nothing short of exceptional, with everyone bringing something different to the table; Brad Mehldau’s virtuosic performances on the piano dance and have an unmatched eloquence, John Patitucci’s bass lines weave intricate tapestries, and Brian Blade’s percussive finesse lays the rhythmic foundation for this dream team. .....' (album notes)

Cyrille Aimee - à Fleur de Peau
(Whirlwind Recordings) - Released:   8th March 2024

Cyrille Aimee (vocals, acoustic guitar, baritone ukelele); Jake Sherman (various); Abe Rounds ( drums & percussion); Jorge Roeder (bass 2); Duncan Wickel (violin, cello 2, 6, 7); Naseem Alatrash (cello 2, 7); Jay Rattman (clarinet 2, 7); Wayne Tucker  (trumpet 1, 3); Maria Cardona (vocals 5); Jamison Ross (drums 6); Chloe Rowlands (trumpet, flugelhorn 6, 8); Andy Clausen (trombone 6, 8); The Williamsburg School of Music Chorus (vocals 8); Armando Young (additional drum production)

Cyrille Aimee a Fleur de Peau.jpg

"The album’s genesis originates far from New York or Cyrille’s adopted New Orleans home, deep within the forests of Costa Rica: an astonishing tale of a creative rebirth. “I’ve been writing forever, but this album is my real birth as a songwriter. Six years ago, I found out I was pregnant as I travelled to Costa Rica. I spent a week there, surrounded by the teeming life of the jungle, knowing I had to have an abortion when I returned home. I wrote the song ‘Inside and Out’ about this powerful, scary and difficult experience and recorded it with Jake back in New York, but I didn’t trust myself as a songwriter back then and so the song laid dormant for years" .... At the heart of each recording is a live performance by Cyrille, accompanying herself with voice and guitar or baritone ukulele: then together they would add layers of arrangement, using Cyrille’s trademark vocal improvisations to suggest horn lines, percussion parts and counter melodies which Sherman would re-create on his array of vintage instruments. The results are uniformly appealing in their direct honesty but diverse in their sound. ‘Again Again’ preserves the simplicity of Cyrille’s sad guitar ballad, with subtle production hinting at bigger things; ‘Beautiful Way’ presents a bilingual paean to New Orleans with creative percussions made by Cyrille biting down a cracker ......' (album notes)

Dan Weiss - Even Odds
(Cygnus Recordings) - Released:   29th March 2024

Miguel Zénon (alto saxophone); Matt Mitchell (piano); Dan Weiss (drums).

Dan Weiss Even Odds.jpg

'Whether it’s strategizing a game of rock, paper, scissors, engaging in a friendly game of poker, or taking the musical risks that have made him one of the most lauded drummers in modern jazz, Dan Weiss relishes a game of chance. On his latest album, Even Odds (due out March 29, 2024 via Cygnus Recordings), Weiss debuts a brand-new trio with an unorthodox recording process. For this captivating session, Weiss enlists alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón and pianist Matt Mitchell, both longtime collaborators, to navigate his intricate compositions and to engage with the drummer in novel ways. Even Odds features two distinct approaches to the delicate balance of composition and improvisation, both offering their own unique challenges to the trio. Six of the pieces are “traditional” compositions – traditional in the sense of providing written material that the trio played and improvised upon together, less so in their reflection of Weiss’ singular blend of influences, which draws on rhythmic concepts from jazz, Indian classical music, contemporary classical, West African music and extreme metal and a cinematically influenced sense of emotion and atmosphere. The remaining pieces were crafted as game-like provocations, gauntlets thrown down from Weiss to his bandmates. They began life as brief drum exercises or grooves that Weiss recorded solo. He then presented these fragments to Zenón and Mitchell and asked them to improvise over them ........' (album notes)

Europe and Elsewhere

Cornelia Nilsson - Where Do You Go?
(Stunt Records) - Released: 22nd March 2024

Cornelia Nilsson (drums); Aaron Parks (piano); Gabor Bolla (tenor saxophone); Daniel Franck (bass)

Kira Linn Illusion.jpg

"Where Do You Go?" is a highly promising debut for Swedish drummer and composer Cornelia Nilsson. Her album contains two trios with bassist Daniel Franck, a pillar of the European jazz scene since 1997. The first is a trio with American pianist Aaron Parks, described as a "new visionary" by JazzTimes; the other is powered by the titanic Hungarian saxophonist Gabor Bolla. Recorded during two different sessions (the saxophone session in January 2022, the piano in June 2023), the leader and composer has chosen to explore contrasting repertoires with each formation to explore the strength of their alchemy together. The piano session explores space and beauty on six tracks, while the saxophone trio heats things up on three of its four tracks. This debut album is a testament to her journey and development as a musician. After starting her career as a side-woman at the age of 24, Nilsson rose through the ranks of the Scandinavian jazz scene, collaborating with musicians such as Gilbert Holmström, Ben Besiakov, and Anders 'AC' Christensen. Her talent soon attracted the attention of American jazz icons such as Tim Hagans, Kenny Barron, and Ron Carter, leading to prestigious awards such as the Bengt Säve- Söderberghs Stipend, the Monica Zetterlund Memorial Fund Grant, and the Tivoli Jazz Prize. She recalls her meeting with Kenny Barron: "I had the opportunity to play with Mr Kenny Barron when I was 26. He called me up and invited me to give a concert in Madrid. His musical energy gave me the impression of being completely submerged by a giant wave. I'd never experienced anything like it! (album notes).

Nikos Chatzitsakos - Tiny Big Band 2
(self-produced) - Released: 9th February 2024

Joey Curreri (trumpet, flugelhorn); Robert Mac Vega Dowda (cornet); Salim Charvet (alto sax); Art Baden (tenor sax); Armando Vergara (trombone); Gabriel Nekrutman (Bari sax); Wilfie Williams (piano, Rhodes); Nikos Chatzitsaklos (double bass); Samuel Bolduc (drums); Alexandra Dewalt, Eleni Ermina DSofou (vocals)

Tiny Big Band 2.jpg

"Tiny Big Band 2" from acclaimed bassist and arranger Nikos Chatzitsakos presents the listener with a delightful array of tunes, with repertoire ranging from Cole Porter to Michel Legrand - Antonio Carlos Jobim to Donald Byrd. Tastefully arranged for 6 horns and vocals, this band packs a punch, channeling an affinity for traditional jazz with a contemporary outlook.' (album notes)

Kjetil Mulelid - Agoja
(Odin Records) - Released: 22nd March 2024

Selma French (violin); Arve Henriksen, Bárður Reinert Poulsen (bass); Mathias Eick (trumpet); Martin Myhre Olsen (tenor sax, soprano sax); Kjetil Mulelid (piano, keyboards); Andreas Winther (drums); Sasha Berliner (vibraphone); Lars Horntveth (pedal steel); Lyder Røed (trumpet); Trygve Seim (tenor sax); Signe Emmeluth (alto sax)

Kjetil Mulelid Agoja.jpg

'Kjetil Mulelid's various projects have received international acclaim, ranging from his duo with Siril Malmedal Hauge, his trio, and the quartet Wako. His first solo album, "Piano" (Rune Grammofon, 2021) received plaudits that placed him in the same company as pianists like Keith Jarret, Brad Mehldau, and Bill Evans. With "Agoja" Mulelid demonstrates what a musician and composer worthy of such acclaim can do with an ensemble cast of musicians of the highest calibre. On "Agoja" three features are immediately apparent. First, that Mulelid's compositions are melodic, yet frequently surprising in their path from their beginning to end; second, that he is a generous band leader, allowing the musicians both to be themselves and to express themselves, often while he merges almost completely into the background; finally, that each composition has its own unique identity, yet bears Mulelid's hallmark clearly and distinctly. Kjetil Mulelid (b.1991, Hurdal, Norway) has distinguished himself as an inventive artist, blending jazz, psalms, and improvised music in both his own playing and compositions. After graduating from the famous "Jazzlinja" in Trondheim back in 2014, he has been heavily touring the world's nooks and crannies with his own music and projects. He has played concerts in large parts of Europe and Japan and released several well-received albums as a solo artists, as well as with his own Kjetil Mulelid Trio, the jazz quartet Wako, with singer Emilie Storaas as the duo Kjemilie, and with singer Siril Malmedal Hauge - both as a band and as a piano / vocal duo.' (album notes)

Fire! - Testament
(Rune Grammofon Records) - Released:  23rd February 2024

Mats Gustafsson (baritone saxophone); Johan Berthling (bass); Andreas Werliin (drums)

Fire Testament.jpg

'Fire! is the core trio of Mats Gustafsson (sax, electronics), Johan Berthling (bass) and Andreas Werlin (drums). Formed in 2009 to develop a fresh approach to improvised music, they draw on influences from free jazz, hypnotic slowcore, psychedelic rock and electronics. Fire! have always been about finding the essence by getting to the core of the music. Their 8th album sees the trio - for the first time on record - stripped down to the bare-bones essentials; with no flutes, no electronics, no guests and no extras, recorded live in the studio to analogue tape - the Steve Albini way - with the master himself at the controls in Electrical Audio in Chicago. Thus, this album stands as a true testament to the group´s expressive power and glowing intimacy.' (album notes)


Big Joe Turner - Roll 'Em

(Jasmine Records) - Released: 9th February 2024

Big Joe Turner (vocals) with various musicians.

Big Joe Turner Roll Em.jpg

'Big Joe Turner was a force of nature, the greatest, most original and influential of all the Blues shouters. He and Boogie-Woogie pianist Pete Johnson had famously pioneered Jump-Blues after teaming up in the mid-1930s. And for more than five decades, from Kansas City bars to the Carnegie Hall, taking in Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll and even early Soul, Big Joe hollered and roared. He was comfortable singing in all venues and circumstances; and over the decades, small bands, big bands, trios, pianists, rock groups, choirs, all styles of ccompaniment rocked to his rhythm. This compilation covers the first seven years of Big Joe's recording career, from 1938 (debuting at the legendary 'From Spirituals To Swing' concert) to 1945, and features essential sides like 'Low Down Dog', 'Roll 'Em Pete', 'Cherry Red', 'Café Society Rag', 'Joe Turner Blues', 'Piney Brown Blues', 'S.K. Blues', and many more.' (album notes)

Cab Calloway - The Hi-De-Ho-Man : His 52 Finest : 1930 - 1952

(Retrospective) - Released: 2024 [2 CDs]

Cab Calloway (vocals, band leader) with various personnel

Cab Calloway The Hi De Ho Man album.jpg

'The one and only Cabell “Cab” Calloway (1907-1994) is featured in the most comprehensive 2CD album available, covering a great cross-section of his hits and band recordings during his vintage years. When Cab sang “Hi-de-ho” in his trademark Minnie The Moocher audiences always echoed it back, loving this manic, zany character in his extravagant ‘zoot’ suits, who was a barnstorming entertainer for some 60 years. Along with Duke Ellington, he was the star attraction of Harlem’s Cotton Club, going on to become a famous ‘Sportin’ Life’ in Porgy and Bess. “The Hi-De-Ho Man” is Retrospective’s collection of 52 of his most successful recordings. Included are 23 chart hits such as The Jumpin’ Jive, St. James’ Infirmary, Moonglow and Blues In The Night. Several songs allude to the ubiquitous ‘Minnie’ and her drug-taking habits: Kicking The Gong Around, Reefer Man and Zaz Zuh Zaz. Calloway was also no mean balladeer as his You Are The One In My Heart shows. Most importantly, Cab’s orchestra was one of the top big bands throughout the 30s and 40s and showcased some of the great jazzmen of the time, emphasised here with 18 instrumental tracks. These feature such as Dizzy Gillespie (Pickin’ The Cabbage), Chu Berry (Ghost Of A Chance), Jonah Jones (Jonah Joins The Cab), Hilton Jefferson (Willow, Weep For Me), Milt Hinton (Plickin’ The Bass) and Cozy Cole (Crescendo In Drums). Above all, Cab Calloway’s music was always full of life.' (album notes)

Lonnie Smith - Afro-Desia

(Mr Bongo Records) - Released: 12th January 2024 [2 CDs]

Lonnie Smith (organ, keyboards); Compliments Of A Friend (guitar); Greg Hopkins (trumpet); Joe Lovano (tenor sax, soprano sax); Ron Carter, Ralphe SArmstrong (electric bass); Ben Riley (drums); Jamey Haddad (percussion)

Lonnie Smith Afro Desia.jpg

'EThe second in our Mr Bongo series opening the vault on classic recordings from the fabled Groove Merchant Records catalogue. This time the spotlight turns to the Hammond B3 organ maestro Lonnie Smith, as we proudly present a reissue of his cosmic jazz-funk journey, ‘Afro-Desia’. Originally released in 1975, this much-loved album was produced by Groove Merchant label owner Sonny Lester and features the mysterious 'Compliments Of A Friend' on guitar. Considering Smith was part of George Benson’s quartet in the ‘60s, that not so discreet veil appears to have been lifted on who this ‘friend’ might be. However, presumably due to contractual reasons, Benson had to remain covert for this recording. The lineup doesn’t stop there though, with the likes of legendary bassist Ron Carter and Grammy award winning saxophonist Joe Lovano joining the outfit .........' (album notes).

Barney Kessel - The Contemporary Years - Selected Recordings 1953-57

(Acrobat Music) - Released:  2023 [2 CDs]

Barney Kessel (guitar) with various personnel

Barney Kessel The Contemporary Years.jpg

'Barney Kessel was a jazz guitarist who is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant and versatile guitarists of the post-war era, who had a parallel career as one of the most in-demand session men in Hollywood, appearing on dozens of hit records and movie soundtracks. Emerging on the scene at the start of the 1940s he was greatly influenced by Charlie Christian, and became a fixture on bebop sessions through into the 1950s, working with the likes of Charlie Parker and Oscar Peterson and on the Jazz At The Philharmonic shows. This 43-track 2-CD collection comprises selected titles he recorded leading his own bands on albums for the Contemporary label during the middle years of the 1950s. It features tracks culled from his albums “Barney Kesssel”, “Barney Kessel Vol. 2”, “Easy Like”, Barney Kessel Plays Standards”, “To Swing Or Not To Swing”, “Music To Listen To Barney Kessel By” and “Poll Winners”. It includes recordings with Bud Shank, Harry Babasin, Shelly Manne, Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison, Jimmy Rowles, Al Hendrickson, Andre Previn, Buddy Collette, Ray Brown and other noted musicians who were members of his line-ups for these sessions. Ranging across standards and his own compositions, it’s a fascinating and enlightening showcase for a great guitarist best–known for his work with other bands, but is here featured as a leader.' (album notes)

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